Areza Fabripore

Surgical medical tapes made out of high-quality, non-woven fabric with a gentle adhesive, designed to secure a primary dressing or other wound care components in place.

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Semi-Occlusive Properties

Areza Fabripore has semi-occlusive properties allowing it to partially protect wounds from fluid and bacterial contamination as well as reducing the risk of maceration.  


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I LOVE this tape! I use this particular kind of tape for my abdominal area, on a daily basis, and I will be ordering again for sure. This is the best price and quality I have gotten in several years. I am a happy customer. The tape is easy to pull out and it comes in tear-off squares IF you want smaller pieces, just like the paper towels out now. The tape is clean, sticks well, and it does not leave gummy nastiness when it is taken off.

Kat M.

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