Price is for 5 Sacral Silicone Ultra-Absorbent Foam Dressing with Adhesive Border 7" X 6.8" ($5.19/ Per dressing)

Areza Sacral Wound Dressing (Silicone Ultra-Absorbent Foam with Adhesive Border) consists of a fenestrated silicone wound contact layer, a triple-layer ultra-absorbent pad, and a vapor permeable, waterproof polyurethane (PU) film backing. The multi-layer construction facilitates dynamic fluid management to provide optimal moist wound environment leading to the promotion of faster wound healing; which may help reduce the risk of maceration. The gentle silicone layer can be removed without losing its adherence and can minimize pain and trauma to the wound and its surrounding skin. The triple-layer absorbent pad layer composed of a PU foam layer, a thin non-woven layer, and an ultra-absorbent layer, provides superior absorption and locks away exudates.

Sacral Silicone Foam Dressing With Adhesive Border 7" X 6.8" 5/Box

SKU: SSF7705
    • Superior absorption of exudates.

    • Self-adherent and no secondary dressing is needed. 

    • Maintains its integrity during use. 

    • Physical barrier to infectious contamination.

    • Vapor permeable and waterproof outer layer film.

    • Low sensitization: gentle adherence, minimizes pain and trauma

    • Comfortable and easy to use.


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