Price is for 30 Island Wound Dressings per box ($ 0.56 / Per dressing).


The fabric adhesive backing layer (6″ X 6″) with a central absorbent non-woven pad (4″ X 4″) will make this easily conformable dressing to protect the wounds and reduce the risk of  physical and bacterial contamination. Easy to remove unless the wound is dried.


SKU: 57255
    • Non-adherent non-woven central pad (4″ X 4″).
    • High quality fabric backing (not polyurethane backing) (6″ X 6″).
    • High quality Adhesive fabric border (6″ X 6″).
    • Absorbs wound exudate.
    • The semi-occlusive adhesives fabric stabilizes any other dressing used as primary dressing.
    • The adhesive fabric/film protects the wounds from fluid and bacterial contamination.
    • The non-woven fabric backing gauze in the dressing conforms to the wound.
    • Easy dressing change.
    • No latex used in this product.

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