Price is for 30 Island Wound Dressings per box ($ 0.56 / dressing).


Areza Island Wound Dressing (Bordered Gauze) is a non-adherent, minimally absorptive, and self adhesive dressing.  The central pad (4"x4") is composed of non-woven viscose fibers which on wound facing surface covered with a fenestrated non-adherent layer. The backing of the dressing (6"x6") is made of polyurethane and Spunlace fabric and is covered with adhesives. The non-adherent wound facing layer provides this dressing the unique ability to be used on minimally exuding wounds. This conformable dressing may reduce risk of physical damage and bacterial contamination of wounds. The dressings are individually packed and are sterile. 


SKU: 57255
    • Non-adherent non-woven central pad (4″ X 4″).
    • High quality fabric backing (not polyurethane backing) (6″ X 6″).
    • High quality Adhesive fabric border (6″ X 6″).
    • Absorbs wound exudate.
    • The semi-occlusive adhesives fabric stabilizes any other dressing used as primary dressing.
    • The adhesive fabric/film protects the wounds from fluid and bacterial contamination.
    • The non-woven fabric backing gauze in the dressing conforms to the wound.
    • Easy dressing change.
    • No latex used in this product.

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